At Island Restaurant Group, our reputation and history may encourage you to try us, but our service, food and beverages will make you come back again and again.


Barracuda has been Voted "excellent" by 472 travelers, Winner of Best In Bermuda Award

Perennially rated one of the best restaurants in Bermuda, Barracuda Grill continues to deliver the pinnacle contemporary fine dining experience on the island. From the delicious martinis and signature cocktails to the delectable modern cuisine made by our award-winning Executive Chef Derek Myers, the dining experience at Barracuda Grill will exceed all your expectations.

Come a little early, or stay a little later and enjoy a bespoke specialty cocktail masterfully made by Bermuda's multiple award winning bartender Ryan, and enjoy exceptional personalized service.





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Our Newest Concept, Brew!

A must-experience quick service hang out for locals and visitors alike, Brew is the newest eatery in Bermuda! This new concept features grab and go bites as well as gourmet breakfast items, hearty salads and toasty sandwiches for all morning, lunch, and evening eating. Brew is a vernacular name Bermudians call each other in friendship; it is also what we do, extensively and tastily! Come and enjoy our exemplary counter service, nitro coffee and fabulous Dockyard Brewing Co. beers, ales, and Bermuda’s only wine bar on tap.

The engine of our cold cellared, glycol chilled, draft coffee, beer and wine system is a state-of-the-art nitrogen generator from the minds of NASA scientists.

Nitrogen, being an inert gas, is the best propellant for beer and ales to ensure they stays fresh, lively and carbonated. For wine it means that no oxidation occurs; ensuring the last glass from the keg tastes identical to the first. And for cold brew coffee? Nitrogen make it smooth, creamy and balances acidity.

Having a few drinks at BREW literally is rocket science.


The Pickled Onion, Front Street’s hottest, upscale casual hip hangout

The Pickled Onion Bar and Restaurant originally opened in April of 1998 and most recently completely renovated again in 2018. Boasting a hip, cosmopolitan feel, the Pickled Onion has found great success in offering familiar Bermuda foods with a unique West Coast twist. From the Blackened Rockfish Tacos to the Brick Oven Flatbreads, The Pickled Onion serves flavorful and "just what you want" food both locals and tourists love!

The Pickled Onion, has for 20 years been the most popular spot on Front Street for lunch, dinner and late night fun and entertainment. Come and help us make history for the next decade or two!


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Hog Penny, Bermuda’s most storied and historic pub

Does it sound familiar? It should, as we were highlighted on the Food Network when Rachel Ray visited and tried our spectacular Chicken Bhuna Masala Curry!

Not only is the Hog Penny Hamilton’s oldest pub, it’s also one of the most authentic and historied pubs on the entire island. Featuring classic pub fare perfected over decades; including pub pies, succulent steaks and classic hearty comfort food, the Hog Penny continues to be a favorite casual dining spot in Bermuda.

The original inspiration for the Cheers Pub in Boston (the old Bull and Finch), the Hog Penny has hosted princes and paupers, entertainment icons and sing along pub crawlers for generations, and will continue to be a must visit authentic, historic and vintage eatery.



Dockyard’s most popular and must visit spots, the Frog and Onion Pub

Opened in 1992 by a Bermudian (the Onion) and a Frenchman (the Frog), the Frog & Onion Pub is Bermuda’s most popular historic hangout in the Royal Naval Dockyard. This energetic and remarkable pub is Bermuda's most authentic, yet unique restaurant. Located in the original Royal Navy's Victualling Yard, in a mid-18th-century Cooperage, The Frog & Onion Pub is a short leisurely walk from King's and Heritage Wharfs, as well as the ferry dock.

The expansive menu features a section of traditional English style pub food, tasty Bermuda-centric entrees, and fresh seafood, appealing to all appetites.

We have four indoor dining areas and two outdoor patios. Step inside to visit the Coopers Room featuring our famous, giant stone fireplace as its centerpiece. The Admiral's Room is a great place to host a small event or private dining experience for both personal and professional needs. Presided over by an authentic 250 year old ship's figurehead (Admiral Abernathy), the Admiral's Room oozes authenticity. Our newly renovated bar and bathrooms add just a touch of newness to our vintage and historic pub, and the footy has never looked better with hi-def TV screens rimming the room. And for the BIG games? We deploy our 12 foot screen to watch your favourite soccer (football to us Bermudians!), ice hockey, basketball, or American football games!

The Frog & Onion can host parties of over two hundred and fifty people inside, and outside in the Victualling Yard, well over five hundred partying people. We want you to bring the whole company, family, or crew and have a rollicking great time at The Frog & Onion Pub!

Each year, Frog and Onion hosts Oktoberfest, an event not to be missed. Featuring the hottest oompah band rocking a giant tent in the Victualling Yard, this truly is the next best thing to being in Munich itself.


 Just a few of our awards, not that we like to get boasty!


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